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This picture was clicked three years ago, when I was on a holiday in New York and decided to take an early morning stroll in Central Park. I was taking pictures and simultaneously thinking how all the three units of G&A – the Public, Private and Social Sector – should equally contribute to the growth of the company. I saw this – three wooden sticks holding a tree intact with the help of these bands – and realized this was exactly what G&A structure should look like. Each side had to be equally strong to ensure that the three hands stood properly. If one had a bigger pull, the other side would become weak and then all three sides would be unable to stand straight. I clicked several other pictures and observed that the trees that had not met this treatment were slightly bent, signaling if a company which doesn’t give equal importance to its units will not be able to stay strong and intact over the years. It was a beautiful yet simple idea that I presented to the G&A staff when I met them first time after my holiday in New York. And I still believe in it as strongly as I did back then.

Business opportunities in emerging countries are immense today and will only continue to grow. Over the next decade, nearly 150 countries currently classified as low and middle income by the International Monetary Fund, will account for more than 50% of the global economic growth. To maintain a sustainable path, significant investments have to be made by the public and private sectors to build adequate infrastructure and strengthen the foundations of the civil society of these emerging countries. This integration of the resources and assets of public sector and the entrepreneurial skills of the private sector is expected to play a critical role in bridging funding gaps, contributing necessary technologies, and providing good management practices, ultimately helping the world accelerate on the path to development.

The resulting job creation, as well as increase in per capita output and income, is projected to spark a demographic shift. It is estimated that more than a billion people will enter the middle class in the next decade, creating a boom of new markets for businesses around the world.
 Apart from the public and private sectors, civil society organizations have been increasing their presence and playing a pivotal role on the global development map. The role of civil society organizations is crucial in emerging countries in providing a number of indispensable services to the marginalized sections of their society traditionally provided by governmental agencies or institutions. Thus, as part of G&A’s, holistic (and also very pragmatic) approach, we strive to create positive and well-balanced growth opportunities through its association with civil society organizations in emerging countries.

Attractive as it may seem, there are many difficulties in implementing adequate strategies in rapidly growing and dynamic emerging countries. The unfamiliar political, cultural and regulatory environments and business practices are bound to pose challenges. G&A, with its long history of working in emerging countries, is an ideal partner for companies interested in navigating new markets. We will help you take advantage of the business prospects present therein and thus create better business opportunities for you and your partners.

Antonio Guizzetti

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